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Free Hotel
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GoBumpFree is an exclusive accommodations booking platform for airline employees, airline retirees, and their friends and family. We offer FREE Ultimate Bump Protection on all last-minute bookings.

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Stand-by Stress?

Never pay a hotel cancellation fee again, and stop paying for vacations you didn't get to take.

Have you ever been bumped from your flight—maybe after you've been seated—and realize you're now on the hook for a hotel room you won't see? Or do you wait until you're on the plane before you even book your hotel?

With GoBumpFree, you can now have the peace-of-mind of having a hotel room booked, with the stress-free ease of FREE cancellation if you get bumped or delayed.

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Not only did we get amazing rates but also had an amazing trip. The GoBumpFree team was extremely helpful and responsive to all our questions and went above and beyond to ensure we were taken care of!

Highly recommended, we will be booking through GoBumpFree in the future.
— Dave H., Facebook Review

GoBumpFree is free to use, and all GoBumpFree members receive free hotel cancellation on all last-minute bookings.

All of our prices include tax—so the price you see when you search is the price you see when you pay.

Start using your travel passes more, and start traveling worry-free.

Get Instant Savings:
GoBumpFree has instant discounts and sales for airline employees—current and retired—and your family and friends. You work hard for your travel benefits, we’re here to help you make the most of them.

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Sign up at and provide us with your contact information and either your airline's Speedy Validation Code or your airline ID.



We'll quickly (in just a few minutes) verify and validate your membership.



The next step is booking a trip, without worrying about hotel cancellation fees.





GoBumpFree’s collection spans the globe. From Las Vegas to London, Paris to Phuket, we bring exclusive prices at over 300,000 hotels, resorts and vacation homes to you.

Find old familiars and new favorites with GoBumpFree.



Ever dreamed of skydiving or taking a hot air balloon ride over vineyards at sunset? We have the connections to make those dreams come true.

GoBumpFree offers unique experiences at many of our destinations so that you can immerse yourself in the local culture, try your hand at a new skill or adventure, or explore new surroundings with comfort and care.



Go ahead, be fancy—it’s your vacation and you deserve it! Walk past the baggage carousel and to your waiting town car with a few clicks on

We offer transportation reservations to and from the airport to your accommodations.

Speedy Validation Codes

Sign up is a breeze with a Speedy Validation Code! Many air carriers have a unique GoBumpFree Speedy Validation Code that helps employees, retirees, family and friends get access to GoBumpFree's amazing deals even faster. Check out your intranet or benefits page today to get yours. 


Airlines with Speedy Validation Codes include: