Happy (belated) Blogging Anniversary @AmyTheGlobeTrotter

Our dear friend @AmyTheGlobeTrotter recently celebrated her 1 year travel blog anniversary. We’re delighted to share her very first post, in now what is a sweet reminiscence on some pretty amazing adventures in non-rev travel.

Happy blogging anniversary Amy! And to all our GoBumpFree members/readers, check this out!

Original post: October 23, 2017

Sorry It’s My First Time

Yes it’s my very first time, posting a blog! I’m a newbie so it might be a tad bit challenging for me but I’m so excited to start. 

I been told for a few years now I should start a blog, to share my crazy stories of my travel adventures and to share travel tips. Most of these stories come about because I am what we of the airline industry call a non-rev standby passenger.

What does that mean? I work for an airline and I am lucky enough to get discounted fares. Most may say oh you are so lucky, key word is luck! For us non-rev standby travellers we always hope for a lot of luck to get to where we are going. We travel only if there happens to be empty seats left, which isn’t always the case. It makes it hard to plan your trip and you are always scrambling to book hotels or cancel them.

Vacation is suppose to be relaxing, but for us non-rev standby travellers it’s not always the case. Luckily there is GoBumpFree where you can book your hotel and if you don’t get on your flight no worries, there is no cancelation fee. It cuts back on the hassle and stress we have to endure traveling standby. 

I’m hoping to share my stories not only to humour you with the outrageous things that happen on my travels, but to also share my experience and my travel tips to help other non-rev standbys get to where they are going and get the best out of their trip. 

You can read more about Amy’s adventures and some seriously good travel tips at https://amytheglobetrotter.wordpress.com

Joel Kelly