Welcome to Las Vegas!

We just love Vegas! There is an undeniable electricity in the air, the feeling that the unexpected and delightful is around every corner.

Whether you want to soak in the famed neon marquees of the strip or stay somewhere a little less flashy, GoBumpFree has your hotel hookup, with wonderful accommodations all over Sin City at great rates. What you do with the money you save is up to you — maybe you want to bet it all at the poker table, or maybe you’d like to use it to see Las Vegas’ most interesting and unique sights.

Sipping history...

The very first tavern in Las Vegas was originally a cafe opened by Joe and Stella Sobchik in 1945, which they transformed into a bar in 1952. In the early days, patrons would sit on the roof and watch the nuclear tests at the Nevada Test Site 65 miles away (it’s easy to say it’s not a good idea now.)

Today, this cafe turned bar is known as Atomic Liquors, and holds the title for oldest free-standing bar in Las Vegas. It has the reputation of being a respite from the strip, and you never know who’s going to turn up — back in the day The Rat Pack and Barbara Streisand were known to make appearances. 60 years on, Atomic Liquors remains a happening joint!

Where there’s gold...

The Hand of Faith was discovered in Australia in 1980 by Keven Hillier, who allegedly wanted to see what he could find with his new metal detector. Hillier struck gold, literally, only six inches below the surface.

The Hand of Faith is the largest golden nugget discovered with a metal detector. It’s also the second-largest ever discovered period, at a weight of 61 pounds. Hillier would sell the nugget to the The Golden Nugget Casino for over a million dollars, where it’s been on display ever since.

Beyond the city hustle…

The Strip is what draws many to Vegas, but the natural landscape captures the hearts of those that brave a hike in the desert heat. The canyons and colors can dazzle just as much as the fountain at the Bellagio! Pack your sneakers and skip the gym, you can get an amazing workout in by embarking on a hike in the Red Rock Canyon.

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Joel Kelly