About Us

About Us

GoBumpFree offers airline employees the ultimate free, sameday hotel cancellation. If you get bumped from your flight — or don’t make it to your destination for any reason — you won’t pay a hotel cancelation fee. That’s right: No Flight. No Fee.


How does it work?


For Airline Employees
Finally, you can use your employee travel benefits without worrying about paying for a trip you might not get to take! It’s simple: Within 72 hours of your trip, book your accommodations through our platform. You’ll have access to some of the world’s best hotels and resorts, at rates you won’t find anywhere else. If you don’t make it to your destination, whether you get bumped from the flight or experience other delays, just cancel your reservation — even just hours before check-in. You won’t pay any cancelation fees!


For Hotels and Resorts
Say goodbye to distressed inventory, and say hello to VIPs. Don’t rely on OTAs to fill your last-minute rooms. Our customers are airline employees, retirees, and other frequent travelers looking for last minute getaways. Your empty rooms could be accommodating our great customers! We’ll work with you to ensure we can provide our ultimate free cancelation to these guests, and you’ll have access to these high-value customers.

About GoBumpFree
GoBumpFree was created by Donna Lavallee, a former airline employee who knows how frustrating it can be to have free flights, but potentially high hotel and resort cancelation fees if you get bumped. GoBumpFree removes this aggravation, allowing airline employees and retirees the freedom to use their travel benefits worry-free! And it connects these high-value, frequent travelers to the world’s best hotels and resorts who partner with us.