Who is GoBumpFree?
GoBumpFree is an interline travel service that offers airline employees, retirees, and their family & friends a diverse selection of hotels, resorts, and condos that offer our Ultimate Bump Protection. We’ve got over 300,000 properties around the world for you to select from.

Three things you’ll love about us:
1) Our Ultimate Bump Protection (see below for all the details).
2) We have a price match guarantee — if you find a better rate for the same room, we’ll match it.
3) The price you see when searching is the price you pay! Taxes are included!
What’s the difference between “last minute” and “book in advance”?
Last minute (the green tab) allows you to make hotel reservations up to 72 hours before you check in. These 'last minute' bookings can qualify for our Ultimate Bump Protection.
Making a booking in advance means a reservation with a check in date that is more than 72 hours away. These do not qualify for the free Ultimate Bump Protection. You'll have the hotel's cancellation policy and applicable fees to pay in the event you have to cancel.
What is Ultimate Bump Protection?
It’s awesome is what it is! It means that if you have to cancel your hotel or resort reservation (because you got bumped from your flight, or won’t be making it for any other reason) you won’t pay a penny. We just don’t think you should have to pay anything for vacations you don’t take! 
GoBumpFree is the first to offer FREE Ultimate Bump Protection.
How does Ultimate Bump Protection work?
It applies to Last Minute Bookings. If you book Last Minute — 72 hours or less from check in time — you automatically get our Ultimate Bump Protection, for free. If you have to cancel your reservation, even same day, there’s no penalty and no cost to you. And, there’s no re-booking or re-scheduling to deal with. You pop onto www.GoBumpFree.com, login to your account and with just a few clicks, cancel your reservation. We take care of the rest for you.
If you book In Advance — more than 72 hours from your check in time — you won’t get the Ultimate Bump Protection but you'll have the hotel's standard cancellation policy. Be sure to read that carefully before booking.
If I’m bumped at any point on my travel, can I claim my Ultimate Bump Protection?
No. The bump protection is only applicable on your way to the destination.
How do I sign up?
It’s easy! Select the icon of a person in the top right corner of the homepage. Complete the registration form, set your password. If you have a speedy validation code, add it to the "Referral Code" section.
You'll get a confirmation email from us when the registration is complete. If you don't hear from us within an hour or so, check your spam folder or your other email account listed in your registration. For more detail on how to register, visit our Tutorial page. Here you'll find a video series on registering and making/cancelling reservations.
Once I register, what happens?
Step 1: Complete the registration form.
Step 2: You’ll get an email from us confirming your registration form was successfully received and is now being validated.
Step 3: Validation process — this is done on our end and can take up to a few hours. Sit back and relax! If we need any more information from you to complete your GoBumpFree profile we’ll let you know by email. If you don’t hear from us within a few hours, be sure to check your spam folder!
Step 4: Once the validation process is complete, you’ll receive another email from us with all your account details. You’re officially registered with GoBumpFree!
Step 5: Happy travels!
Why does GoBumpFree ask for Airline Employee ID info?
Our platform is exclusive to the airline industry — active employees, retirees, your family and friends. We ask for your airline credentials in order to verify your account. You may be asked for this information by the accommodations provider as well, so it’s good to have on hand.
Can my family and friends sign up?
Of course they can! If they can travel on your passes, they are invited to be a GoBumpFree member. All they’ll need is your airline employee ID to complete their registration quickly. They’ll received a confirmation email from us once the validation process is complete.
How do I make a booking?
See our Tutorial page for our "How to make/cancel a booking" video. It'll walk you through the full process.
How do I cancel a booking because I got bumped/unavailable to make the flight?
Sign into your account and select "My Bookings". At the bottom of the page you’ll see all your bookings listed. Select the booking you wish to cancel by clicking on it’s “detail”, press cancel. That's it! We'll take care fo the rest. For a visual walk through of the process, visit our Tutorial page and watch the "How to make/cancel a booking" video.
Are the prices per person? Do they include taxes?
The prices quoted are the total cost of the hotel stay, based on your search criteria (all nights, all persons), which include the taxes. You can view prices in USD or CAD by selecting your currency preference in the top right hand corner of the page.
Why are GoBumpFree's prices so low?
Due to our exclusive partnerships and affiliates, we are able to keep our prices low, and we pass those savings on to our customers.
Do I need my airline/retiree ID to make a booking?
No. However, there is a chance that the hotel may ask you upon check-in (a good idea to bring it with you on your travels).
I can’t find a hotel I saw the other day, where did it go?
It’s possible that a hotel or resort you saw the other day has been all booked up for the dates you're searching. Try different dates if you've got that flexibility in your travel plans. If it's gone, don't fret! We’ve got other wonderful places that would be just as perfect for you.
If you're searching and only a few options or no options appear, you can give our Customer Service team a shout and we'd be happy to help you find the perfect place to stay at your destination. 
What deals are you currently offering?
On our homepage you'll find two sections promoting our latest and greatest sales. At the top of the page you'll see our four biggest deals. These change regularly as new specials come up. As you scroll down, you'll find our collection of special promotions and preferred properties. The promotion may be price related or there could be additional ammenities at the property available exclusively to you.
The best way to keep up to date on all our specials is by following us on social media and siging up to receive our weekly newsletter.
Do you have an app?
No. We believe in stress-free travel and that includes not having to update apps on the go. Just visit www.gobumpfree.com on your mobile device or tablet and you're set! If you've got internet access, you can GoBumpFree!