Why list your home ON GoBumpFree?

We offer the platform for you to list your home, apartment, room or cottage on, and you control the rest: price, rules, and availability. List on GoBumpFree and make money while you travel around the world on your passes! Because GoBumpFree users travel the world non-rev, just like you.

What will you get by listing your home on GoBumpFree?

Confidence in who your guests are. Your listing will be exclusively available to our member list. Our members are just like you: airline employees, industry retirees, or family/friends. You can meet and connect with other members, share travel stories and destination tips, and rent or exchange your home on your terms. We provide the platform, you control the price, house rules, availability and final say on who stays.

Member listings will be featured at the top of every applicable search. So with your listing, you also get top ranking in our feed!


How to start:

Advertising a home on GoBumpFree is easy. Choose one of the advertising options on GoBumpFree.com/store and complete your purchase transaction in just a few clicks.

Once you’ve bought your advertising space, you’ll be sent our Listing Info Kit complete with questionnaire so your listing can be built, specifications on the best types of images to provide, and details on how bookings will be completed, and more.


Set your own prices:

You’re in complete control of the money.

  • Choose your own nightly rates.

  • Want to include cleaning fees as part of the rental? You can.

  • Want to offer discounted rates for extended stays? It’s up to you.

  • Want to offer special prices for certain times of the year? If you want to.

  • Want to do an exchange with another member instead of payment?  You can!


Coordinate your calendars:

It’s entirely up to you when your rental is available. If you want to offer the best summertime experience, or host people during specific local events, you can with ease on GoBumpFree.

You can also coordinate your calendars with others if you’d like to swap spaces with them.


What’s expected?

We ask you to meet three basic requirements in order to provide a 5-star experience every time you rent or share your home:


Cancellations terms — free last minute, clear on advanced booking.

GoBumpFree takes cancellations seriously and asks that you respect them. The company was created to take the financial stress out of non-rev travel and when someone is bumped from their flight, they shouldn’t have to pay for something that they didn’t get to use.

Reasonable overall response rate to interested questions and inquiries

Responding in a timely manner demonstrates that you’re dependable and considerate to potential guests. We recommend responding to requests and inquiries within 24 hours.

Clear acceptance of reservations.

No one likes needing to send multiple inquiries, our platform users have an expectation of clear communication. Ensure that your calendar reflects the days you’re able to host, and confirm or clearly decline reservation requests to avoid any miscommunication with potential guests.

You are responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable laws relating to the item you list, buy or sell.


Have more questions?

Our team is happy to take your through the finer details on listing on GoBumpFree, how our cancellation process works and how it could work for you, how to set up recurring payments for your listing, and more.