A bit about us!

Welcome to GoBumpFree! I'm the founder and CEO, Donna Lavallee. I started GoBumpFree to relieve some of the stress of standby travel that airline employees face when they fly on passes.

As a former airline employee, I know how frustrating—and expensive—it can be to pay hotel cancellation fees after getting bumped from your flight. I also know how scary it can be to travel without booking a hotel at all, just to avoid cancellation fees.

That's why all GoBumpFree members get free hotel cancellation on all last-minute bookings. We mean it when we say, "No Flight. No Fee."

Membership is completely free, and our prices are lower than you're likely to find if booking direct or through another website.

Sign up for free today, and try GoBumpFree the next time you travel. Already a member—fantastic! We'd love to hear about your travels and experiences with GoBumpFree. Send us a note on any of our social media channels or an email to

Thank you,
Donna Lavallee
CEO, GoBumpFree