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It has been 50 years since the last time the PBA was in Canada. As a growing Canadian company we are thrilled to be hosting you this year!

Montreal is a big (for Canada), busy, exhilarating city, with so much to see and do. During the conference you will be able to explore and see some of the best parts of Montreal, but we recommend you stay a bit longer to enjoy it to its fullest.


Top Things To Do In Montreal


1. Go Up the Mont-Royal

That’s probably the best place to start off your journey, really. It’s a beautiful walk (or bus ride, if you’re lazy like me), it’s entirely free of charge, and the Belvedere observatory offers amazing views of downtown Montreal and the mountains over on the south bank. Great selfie spot, too


2. River Cruise Sightseeing

Discover Montreal from the river and weigh anchor for a fascinating guided cruise on the St. Lawrence River.  Cruise from the Old Port of Montreal to the Boucherville Islands and enjoy breathtaking views on the city center.

We have some great prices for you to enjoy!